Virginia’s Rogue Prosecutor place criminals’ rights above victims’ rights and do so in the name of “equity” and “justice.” However, the outcomes of their decisions result in inequity for victims and the stripping away of justice for law-abiding residents who deserve to be protected from criminals. 12 to these Rogue Prosecutors have aligned themselves under the misnomer of “Virginia Progressive Prosecutors for Justice.” These prosecutors, who act more like public defenders playing the role of a prosecutor than an actual prosecutor, are right here in many of our own backyards.

  • Honorary Amy Ashworth – Prince William County and City of Manassas
  • Honorary Anton Bell – City of Hampton
  • Honorary Buta Biberaj – Loudoun County – Soros-funded
  • Honorary Parisha Dehghani-Tafti – Arlington County and City of Falls Church – Soros-funded
  • Honorary Steve Descano – Fairfax County and City of Fairfax – Soros-funded
  • Honorary Howard Gwynn – City of Newport News
  • Honorary James M. Hingeley – Albemarle County – Soros-funded
  • Honorary Stephanie N. Morales – City of Portsmouth – Soros-funded
  • Honorary Joseph D. Platania – City of Charlottesville
  • Honorary Bryan Porter – City of Alexandria
  • Honorary Shannon L. Taylor – Henrico County
  • Honorary Gregory D. Underwood – City of Norfolk

Virginia’s Commonwealth Attorneys, or county attorneys, wield a great deal of power, and they use that power to interpret the law as they see fit rather than follow the law as defined by our legislators. They abuse their prosecutorial discretion to promote a political agenda that places criminals’ rights above victims’ rights resulting in second chances for repeat offenders and decisions that ignore victims’ wishes.

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