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Midterm elections are in November, and Democrats know they are facing an uphill battle. It appears Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is willing to try anything to keep his party in power, even if that means rigging the rules.

Senator Schumer has made it clear he plans to “go nuclear” THIS WEEK to try to destroy the Senate filibuster in his latest push to pass what we’re calling the “Freedom to Cheat Act” (S.2747).

We’ve put together a few resources to help activists understand the filibuster, Schumer’s election law bill, and then take action. We’ve put them all on saveourelections.com and linked to them below:

Schumer’s success is NOT guaranteed. We CAN stop him.

The way the American people win on this is by EXPOSING THE HYPOCRISY OF THE LEFT and making it clear that Schumer’s election law legislation is nothing more than a power seizure disguised in the name of “voting rights.”

Step 1—Help share information and educate your family and friends:
Schumer has repeatedly connected “nuking the filibuster” to his so-called “voting rights” bill. We need to make sure others understand that eliminating the filibuster, a Senate rule designed to encourage debate, is all about rigging the election laws in one party’s favor.

>>> Click this to download a 2-page issue summary

Step 2—Call the U.S. Senate:
Call your senators even if—especially if—you think they’re likely to go along with Schumer’s scheme.

This is an election year for 33 Senators. A senator who is determined to “nuke the filibuster” may come to their senses once he or she hears from voters back home.

We have a suggested call script you can use when calling your senators, but as always, you should feel free to express your own thoughts on the issue:

>>> Click here to find the call script

Step 3—Continue to get the word out!
Use social media. Forward this email. Send a text to a friend.

Educate and encourage others to call their senators!

If you have any friends in Arizona or West Virginia—make an extra effort to reach out to them about this issue, as Senators Manchin and Sinema have expressed reservations about nuking the filibuster—and constituents need to reinforce those reservations!

>>> Need something easy to share? Try this 5-minute podcast episode on “Nuking the Filibuster”

This week could determine which America our children and grandchildren will grow up in. As conservatives and Americans, we must keep the pressure on our elected officials to make the right decisions.

If Schumer wins, his “voter rights” bill will end voter ID while mandating insecure, same-day voter registration. And the proof that this bill is for the politicians—and NOT the people—is that it creates a program to spend public funds to pay for politicians’ campaign ads

Thank you,

Janae Stracke
Director of Grassroots
Heritage Action for America

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