Stand Up Virginia was born in January 2021, as a way of bringing people together from across our Commonwealth, who love America and are concerned about the direction of our state and nation. It is modeled after Stand Up Michigan, which was formed by former mayor, Ron Armstrong of Michigan, in response to the draconian Covid restrictions placed on its citizens by their Governor, Gretchen Whitmer.

Stand Up Virginia will Ignite to Fight by engaging Virginians in a battle for the future of our children and grandchildren under 3 guiding principles: Bolster the Blue; Teach our Children; and Protect the Vote.


As I watched in horror as so many families across the country have and witnessed scenes of our law enforcement officers being abused, attacked and even assassinated, I knew I had to do something.

A entire movement was born from a simple act of kindness. Like you, we were searching for a way to give back and fight for our brave men and women who leave their families every morning to serve and protect our communities and those we love. The opportunity arose one afternoon as my son and I saw an officer sitting in his vehicle in a parking lot. That moment is where it all began.

We pulled up beside him to say “thank you” and asked if we might be able to bring lunch for all the officers in our local police station. With gratitude, he shared with me how to coordinate lunch, and we talked for a few minutes.

What started as lunch grew into the organization, BOLSTER THE BLUE®. The following day, as my son and I brought hand-written thank-you cards for each officer and lunch, we were humbled by the impact this small gesture had. An officer asked if I would stand in the gap for them at the next Board of Supervisors meeting in support of qualified immunity. I agreed, and from that moment, a movement was born.

We are now an entire organization of like-minded individuals who speak out at Board of Supervisors meetings, we e-mail and call and meet with local and state legislators, we protest progressive reform measures in public, we speak out to local media, and we host community events to increase awareness about efforts to dismantle safety in our communities and country. Our movement has spread, and we are now an entire army of formidable opponents.

Join us today on the front lines by signing up for our newsletter, and e-mail us to learn more about how you can join our fight in your community and preserve the safety we all cherish.