Do You Wonder If Your Vote Counts?

You’re not alone. If we do not have complete confidence that elections are fair and honest, we risk losing our country to illegitimate leaders. Election integrity is not a partisan issue – it is an American issue! One of our most precious rights as citizens is the right to vote and have a voice in choosing our elected officials. Only legal citizens who are registered to vote in their state of residence should be allowed to determine the future for their communities and our nation.

Did You Know?

A photo ID is required to:

  • Board a plane
  • Purchase alcohol, cigarettes, guns, or a box of Sudafed
  • Drive/buy/rent a car
  • Open a bank account
  • Check into a hotel or hospital
  • Apply for welfare/Medicaid/Social Security
  • Pick up tickets at Will Call for major sporting events

Why Is This Virginia Law?

  • There is no requirement to show any form of identification prior to voting.
  • People who register as new voters are not required to provide proof of citizenship.
  • Individuals who move out of state or have passed away are not automatically removed from voter rolls.
  • There are 45 days of Early Voting, prior to a General Election
  • On October 1, 2022, same day voter registration goes into effect.

These are only a few of the laws that endanger Election Integrity in Virginia. Join Stand Up Virginia as we provide resources to inform and enable you to engage in protecting our most precious right – electing the leaders of tomorrow.