Stand Up Virginia is determined to expose the shortcomings and dangerous trends in our schools and offer resources and opportunities for you to become better-informed. We invite you to engage with us as we fight for the future of Virginia’s most precious asset – our children.

The picture of Virginia’s schools is horrifying:

  • CLOSURES: Public schools have been closed for over a year.
  • SUBPAR VIRTUAL INSTRUCTION: Children are forced to endure hours of screen time and virtual instruction.
  • PARENTS ARE TEACHERS: Many parents gave up their jobs to stay home and supervise their children’s education.
  • LOWERED STANDARDS: Academic standards are being lowered to accommodate underachievement.
  • RISING ABSENCES: Truancy rates have skyrocketed.
  • STUDENTS PAY THE PRICE: All students, but especially those with special needs, have lost ground during the pandemic.
  • PARENTAL RIGHTS STRIPPED: Parents are being shut out of important decisions involving their children.
  • POLITICAL INDOCTRINATION: Critical Race Theory is being inserted into every curriculum, beginning in elementary school.
  • ABUSE AND SUICIDE: Incidents of child abuse and teen suicide are on the rise due to depression, anxiety, and isolation.

Will you join us and fight for our children? What is happening in schools across Virginia is appalling. As parents, guardians, grandparents, and Virginians who love America, we must stand up, mobilize, and demand a quality education for all children, free of propaganda and political influence.


Asra Nomani speaks on How to Reclaim Our Schools: Empower, Expose, Engage

One person who stands up and speaks out for what is right will lead others to follow. Be that person.

Read here how one New York parent stood firm against the indoctrination of his child at an all-girls private school, which requires prospective families to take an “anti-racism pledge.”

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