Brenda Tillett
Brenda TillettPresident
In the summer of 2020, Brenda Tillett began an effort to stand up for public safety in Virginia. What began as one request from a law enforcement officer for her to give a public comment before the Board of Supervisors grew into an entire movement of residents standing up and speaking out for safe homes, communities, and schools.

Since then, Tillett and others united their supporters to form Stand Up Virginia, a non-profit mainstream organization welcoming individuals from all political perspectives to come together to stand for similar values. As President, Tillett continues to inform Virginians about issues affecting our public safety, children’s education, and vote and details ways to get activated and impact change in their own communities. Her hope, faith, and belief in good prevailing in the end continues to inspire her efforts to lead the way toward a brighter future for Virginians.

Rosie Oakley
Rosie OakleyExecutive Director
Rosie Oakley has spent most of her life in Virginia and loves the rich history of the Commonwealth. She worked for the Associated Press; ran her own executive recruiting firm; and served as the Director of a national special needs conference for 10 years. She is active in politics and deeply committed to the 3 guiding principles of Stand Up Virginia: support of law enforcement; commitment to election integrity; and passion for the education and development of our children.
Bay Buchanan
Bay BuchananTreasurer
In 1981, President Ronald Reagan appointed Bay Buchanan, then 32, to be Treasurer of the United States. She became the youngest person to ever hold the position.

In the following forty years, Buchanan remained at the forefront of American politics. Working on seven presidential campaigns and chairing four of them, hosting her own national radio and television shows, and authoring two books, her contribution to the current political landscape is undeniable.

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